Tabitha Donnell

I am a digital marketing consultant and I provide real and unique services to bring your business and dreams to levels you didn't know were possible. 

 Your  Future  Digital  Marketing  Consultant

I can help you and your business in the following areas, plus many more! Just ask me if you don't see a service listed here.


& Content Writing

Creating valuable content and distributing through social media platforms to attract and gain the attention of the target audience.


& Digital Strategy

Digital marketing strategies and content optimization that will boost your ranking in search engine results and visibility to your potential clients. 



Creating highly engaging and powerful  email newsletters and tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns. 


graphics & videos

Whether you’re trying to sell a product, establish the perception of your brand or deliver a message, great design will help you accomplish your goal.



Your branding strategy leads your customers to how they should feel about your brand; it instills emotion, creating a deep connection.



Optimizing your social media platforms to help you look better than your competition. Optimization also converts your visitors into customers.

While also providing

Ongoing support

You have my ongoing support on your marketing campaigns. I will be available to you for anything you need. I won't leave you hanging.

Monthly reports

You will be updated on the progress every month with a comprehensive .pdf report. I will also hold a monthly strategy call with you and your team.

Product delivery 

My clients know, whatever I do, I do on time and it will be amazing. I've never been late and I don't plan to ever be late with delivery.

Let's get introduced

Meet Tabitha: I am an independent digital marketing consultant from Georgia who helps companies grow their revenue with powerful, creative, and unique marketing strategies. I love what I do and it shows in my work, reviews, and accolades.  Creative marketing is my spirit work and I can't wait to show you how I can help you!

  • As a Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and HubSpot certified digital marketer and consultant, I have the skills to understand your target customers, their behavior, and your industry to differentiate yourself from your competition.

  • During the past few years, I've been nominated for various awards in the sphere of marketing. As a result, I was able to snatch 6 awards to add to my trophy case. All of my drive, motivation, and creativity is what sets me apart from other digital marketers. I am a continual learner and appreciate the fact that marketing is ever-changing, therefore my strategies are always evolving. 





5 yrs




What to expect

Well, it takes just a little bit of time and a lot of coffee or tea. But, here is what you can expect from me:

  • Transparent Reporting: Once a strategy is successfully  implemented through campaigns, expect me to offer transparent reporting up front.

  • Ongoing Optimization of Campaigns: Expect to get progress reports on your current performance. I will be making strategy adjustments that continually optimize your campaigns for success. 

  • High-touch Customer Service: Expect to get a close working relationship with me. You can reach me and my customer support team in a pinch. Any time, any day.

  • Creative and "out of the box" graphics to match your marketing strategy. I take pride in my designs and go over each and every product with a fine-tooth comb. 

Tamara Wilkins

Tabitha  is one of the best marketing consultants. Her expertise and knowledge of digital  markets brought tremendous value to our company. My whole team just loved her!

Some  Of  My  Art 🎨🖌

I love using Adobe Creative Cloud and can also handle most graphic design programs. I love to express my creativity in my designs and avoid the standard templates you see floating around websites and social media. 

Clients  and  Partners

My current and past clients and partners are my greatest assets, and I appreciate them for choosing to work with me!

Read  My  Blog  For  Great  Tips!

My first love in life was creative writing. I believe this skill is what has set me apart in copywriting and content writing. I express myself through words. Here are some of my thoughts! 

Get Off The Fence And Put Your Voice In Your Posts

Why are you trying to sound like everyone else? Why aren't you putting your voice in your copy? The best copy is the one people can relate to, the one they can feel through the words, the one they can tie an emotion to. Be authentic, be real, be transparent in your copy. 

Book Lovers Make For The Best Copywriters

It's 11:09. Less than an hour left. No time to worry about the possibility of rejection. No time to consider the deep feeling of dread filling up her entire body. It's go time. Ready or not, here she comes. If only copywriting could be so suspenseful, so engaging, so like a story...oh wait, it can.  Have you ever read a book you just couldn't put down? Have you ever asked yourself why you couldn't put it down?

Great Content Writing Should Be An Addiction For Your Audience

Poor analogy, but your content should feel like a drug to your readers. They should want to finish reading the entire copy. If your customer, client, or prospect hits the "read more" button or makes it all the way to the CTA, then you've got a winner. You never want your followers to read the first one or two lines and keep scrolling or even worse, hit the delete or unsubscribe button. 

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